Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ho Stage Zine #3

Issue #3 features

- Excerpt from a Bitch Magazine article about the damage done by "Anti-Trafficking" groups
- Letter to a UH Professor in reaction to a video of the misinformation presented by a local "anti-trafficking" figure to a college class
- Brief Overview of Movements for Sex Workers' Rights, including a WWII Strike by Honolulu's Brothel Workers
- List of Recommended Resources
- Q&A from a Panel Discussion about Sex Work and the Law
- Poetry Centerfold by Erik from the Park
- Advice on How to Act when dealing with Police
- Story about a Stripper Fight
- Words of Praise about members of North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NCHRC)
- NCHRC's Guide to Safer Crack Smoking
- Details about the 2012 Transgendered Census
- "Chewing the Zinery" story about experiences at the Girl Fest Zine Workshop over the years
- Instructions on "How to Use a Condom

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