Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tracy Ryan on "Shaka Talk"

Shaka Talk is a half hour chat show on 'Olelo, Hawaii Community Access TV. Hostess Diar "D.R" Rhea, and various co-hosts, interviews (mostly) local artists and activists. Each episode airs every Thursday night for a month, at 11:59pm Hawaii Time, and is also streamed live at, as well as On Demand, or on Shaka Zine's youtube channel.

Episode #14 featured local activist, Tracy Ryan. She's an advocate for the transgender community, and is head of Arresting Prostitutes in Legal Exploitation, and Harm Reduction Hawaii. Tracy works to help create a better understanding of the lives of sex workers, and seeks more productive, non-punitive, solutions to the issues facing people in the sex trade.

To read Diar's extensive blog about the interview, click here>>> To see Diar & co-hostess Edna Mc Man interview Tracy, just watch the clips below. (The show was cut into 3 parts for youtube).

 Shaka Talk - Tracy Ryan part 1 of 3

Shaka Talk - Tracy Ryan part 2 of 3

Shaka Talk - Tracy Ryan part 3 of 3

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