Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Punish Yo'Self!

“It was a time in our lives that has never been matched by anything since.” says MZPRIYA. “It was the perfect storm. A serendipitous place in time and space that connected the most beautiful, sexy, original, kick your fucking ass- people. Goddesses and Gods. Worshiped, feared and admired for exceptional reason."

Wow! The Dungeon Reunion has been in the works for a few months, and as Sunday, November 13th draws near, it's impressive what has happened so far. Earlier there was the almost elitist Dungeon facebook group, which didn't allow anyone who was too young or "new" to remember the mid 1990's fetish/fantasy nights of pleasurable punishment, put on by the friendliest freak in Honolulu - Courtney. He's left Hawaii to pursue and promote other prurient parties, but hasn't participated in the planning that's been going on locally.

After reconnecting during this dusky digital age, old school denizens of the Dungeon, (who may have moved away to the mainland, or faded away from the mainstream party scene our underground has risen to become) not only missed each other, but a place to come together and express their darker, sexier sides to strangers amongst friends. That's when the Dungeon Reunion group appeared on facebook, and welcomed everyone from veterans to virgins on the scene. Soon with a lot of energy and the right amount of attitude, things were set in motion.

Now there's their recently revealed website The Dungeon Reunion, constructed by Nephilim Halls, which was a trial in itself! But not only is the site expansive, it's simple and fun to investigate, with titillatingly torturous treasures, tempting you to attend this long-overdue event.

Welcoming/Warning us that "Where There's a Whip, There's a Way", you enter to find an array of options you wish every club could offer. But as you navigate the tabs, you get the feeling this ain't gonna be no regular Sunday night at SOHO.

Of course, there's the darling Dominatrices, whom people pay to be punished by. To your delectable delight, there will also be Stage Performers including one of my favourites Violetta Beretta, of the Cherry Blossom Cabaret, together with fellow CBC sisters Mabsy & Miss Fortune, in their other troupe The Betties! But also sure to please is the VIP Room Headliner, Indica Torture. To show your appreciation for her presence, you might want to bring her a present. Holed upp, Hang on! The Suspension Crew, will be living upp and giving in to the mulitple meanings of "flesh hookers." And DJs for daze including Old Skool Headliners Romell of Razed IN Black goth glory & Daniel J shedding some Light on "the rebirth of Filth, Pain, Torture & Love."

This naughty nightmare is the dream coming true for a few who have been investing more than just their blood and sweat to bring us to tears. They're aptly referred to as the Backbone of the body to this bawdy debaucherous party.

Producer James S. went from being a spectator to set decorator, helping construct some of the devices of torture that many a slave became attached to, physically and psychosexually. Currently in Kosovo "one of the most Goth destinations in Europe", James sends his love across the world, working behind the scenes (and probbly digging deep in his pockets) to help this night go off, even if someone gets hitched.

One Head Coordinator, Mistress Priya won't only be cracking her whip the hardest in the Dungeon that night, but she's been whipping this whole operation into shape from its inception. As this evening evolves and unfolds, she'll be twisting arms and putting her foot down, to make things happen, and make us all happy. But she's not only doing it for our own good.  She purrs, “I look forward to welting up My old slaves and creating new ones out of you.”

Familiar femme fatale and fellow Head Coordinator, Terry will also be firing upp the festivities, when she performs onstage with Dhyana Aesthetic, from Portland Oregon.

Well-known and -admired piercer, Conor from Rock Star Tatoo, will be on site, showing some sights that will make more than just your eyes sore.

Sensually Yours will likely be a one stop store, for a lot of the doms, slaves, johns, janes, whores & more.

Assisting MZPRIYA for this audacious affair, will be the fierce fairy-like Carrie Wolf.

Nonstop Night Fox Photographer Tracy Chan, will be the one of the official paps to capture the rapture and reeling feelings of the evening.

Like any good Sub/Dom scene, there are rules and etiquette to follow for the Dungeon Reunion. If you don't know how to act, at least no ac' upp, K?! From the Terms & Conditions, a basic admission policy will be enforced (semi-based on what you do or don't wear):
Person or Group May be Denied Entry at Discretion of Club Management and or Dungeon Reunion. If Entry is Denied Prior to Entry to Event, Full Refund will be issued.

Those Attending Must Dress According to Dress Code (Fetish or all Black including but not Limited to Footwear – No Refunds will be Issued for Denial of Entry Due to Dress Code Violations.)

*Black eye masks will be offered at the door, for no charge, to anyone who would like one for anonymity or fashion purposes.

No Unauthorized Photography will be Tolerated. Persons caught filming or photographing inside Soho Mixed Media venue will be Subject to Permanent Removal.

The Dungeon Reunion is a “Play at Your Own Risk” event... You are Responsible and Completely Liable for Self Safety at All Times Regarding The Dungeon Reunion, Before and After.

They also provide tips in regards of what to bring with you, namely not your camera. Only certain people can take pictures. Privacy is paramount. However, partiers waive their rights to their image, if taken by the Official Photographers. Any unauthorized photos will be subject to legal action:
If you like your privacy, bring a mask. By entering the event you forfeit your rights to all the photos with you in them to us via the Official Photographers. However, you can tell them not to take your photo directly. But, you might be in the background somewhere. We strongly support the privacy of the public. We maintain the rights so that we are authorized for the legal take down of photos that are not authorized and/or are on other media; websites, newspapers, facebook, twitter, and etc. We like our privacy too. And we’ll safe guard yours as good as ours.
Plus for locals & visitors alike, they remind us to travel around town wisely, because of Obama's visit to the island from Nov 7th to 14th.

Consider this an open invitation to a night of ropes & flagellation. Skip the masturbation, they welcome participation! Whether a good-looking voyeur, wild woman or mild-mannered, somewhat prim deviant, it's nice to know you're dreams of being defiled won't get shattered, 'cause "This is not a Matt Grimm Event".

So with all this in mind, the next thing you need to find, is if Pre-Sale Tickets are still available online.

The Dungeon Reunion
Sunday, November 13, 2011
at SOHO Mixed Media Bar
80 South Pauahi Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

8pm to 2am
18+ ~ $20 Pre-Sale / $25 Door
21+ ~ $15 Pre-Sale / $20 Door
VIP ~ RSVP only

Event Info & Sales
MzPriya - mzpriyainfo@gmail.com

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